Rossana Pettersén

CBT Therapist

English, Swedish and Spanish speaking therapist

Rossana Pettersén is a CBT therapist and Psychologist (Licensed in Peru) who holds a Masters Degree in suicide prevention and a PhD in Medical science from Karolinska Institute. Her work is integrative using CBT, Mindfulness, and Psychodynamic therapy offering tailored treatments to her clients. She has taught at university, been a speaker at international psychology conferences and has performed and published scientific research in the field of traumatic grief.

She works with individuals with a variety of conditions including depression, anxiety, overwhelming stress, loss of meaning in life, psychological trauma, interpersonal difficulties, issues with expatriation and grief. Grief understood not only as the loss of a loved one but any other significant type of loss (health, emigration, relationship breakups, demotions at work, etc).

She sees psychotherapy as a growing experience that not only promotes symptom reduction but that also enhances her clients’ personal coping ability, multiplies their areas of strength and helps them to achieve their goals in life. 


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